Sagittarius is the great adventurer. As such, they need companions who are willing and ready to take on anything. That is why Aquarius and Aries are the best friends for this sign. “All are avid adventurers who excite each other and encourage everyone to embrace life and take risks,” Faulkner says. “All three are generally honest and direct.” Sagittarius is probably the most lighthearted of the three, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have substance. For your next adventure, see the best tattoo style for your zodiac sign.
Jennifer Lopez is summer chic in white lace sun dress as she enjoys yachting holiday in Capri with beau Alex Rodriguez  Rest and relaxation  Best match for Aries: 
Jamie Lomas, 43, makes his public debut with gorgeous new girlfriend Portia Hughes, 25, at FriendsFest in Manchester Happy couple  Here’s what each is said to represent:
More about Libra 2026- HORSE Sagittarius 2014 Yearly Horoscope THE MONKEY The Goat natives will have many chances to fill their pockets, they only have to make sure they won’t miss these opportunities. This is a year when they will decide to save money, not to spend them. Their plans are on the first place and they are magnificent.
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CN Those born under the sign of Leo, which covers 120° to 150° of celestial longitude, carry the sign of The Lion – which is based on the Nemean Lion of Greek mythology, a lion that had an impenetrable hide. The sign of Leo is tied to the Fifth House, known in Latin as Nati (Children), or by its modern name, House of Pleasure. The sign of Leo is also associated with the element of Fire and the ruling celestial body of Leo is The Sun.
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Start of Seasons Huzurabad Flamboyant, extravagant, imaginative,stylish. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign – Chinese Horoscope Calendar Libra Weekly Horoscope
The ultimate summer spa guide Williams-Sonoma Is Hiring Work-From-Home Positions MORE IN HOROSCOPES Taurus Canine Horoscopes METAL: The Chinese Zodiac portrays metal people as ones with strength, a love of freedom, great communication skills, virtue and the attitude of gratitude. Metal is strong minded but not as emotional as some other elements. You can keep it “cool.” Feng Shui suggests that the best way to support the Metal Element is through orderliness and organization.
中国占星術 Keep your finances in good order. There may be some unexpected expenses that pop up soon. A broken…
More about Cancer History It’s common to list the zodiac in order of the procession that they take through the skies, over a period of 12 months and wow what a procession it is.  Did you know that the zodiac signs and astrology forms the basis of almost every story and myth that we know, including those mentioned in numerous religious texts.  
Follow @DailyMirror Snake Si Shi: 9 to 11 a.m. Snakes start to leave their burrows. Hear from your favorite authors
This Chinese zodiac sign is unafraid to be ‘different’. ETimes is an Entertainment, TV & Lifestyle industry’s promotional website and carries advertorials and native advertising. COOKIE POLICY
Cleaning + Organizing Find a Designer Monkey people move fast in thought, word, and deed. Their confidence never waivers. Famous people from the Year of the Rabbit : Angelina Jolie (1975), both Ant and Dec (1975), Robin Williams (1951).
Zodiac Sign Finder Lucky Colors: Red, Light Yellow, Black; Avoid: White, Golden, Brown
Check us on Google+ Hospet Feb 04 – Mar 05 Much like man’s best friend, the Dog is a symbol of loyalty and honesty. If you were born in the year of the dog, you’ll be outgoing, lively and not afraid of sharing your opinions! Dogs were an important part of ancient Chinese culture and were one of the first ever domesticated pets. Pekingese dogs almost always accompanied emperors, they were believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. According to folk legends, solar eclipses take place because the Tiangou (a heavenly dog) would eat the sun.
I’m an Earth Rooster. 2017 was a very difficult year with contentious divorce taking place. Will 2018 be a more positive year? Labyrinthos Academy App Middle East
Zodiac Signs Compatibility IN TAURUS (Apr 20–May 20): Take time to formulate your thoughts. Taurus, an unhurried sign, slows down the 
mental processes. He also governs banking, so delay money matters. Review financial matters, and position yourself for growth.
The sign of Sagittarius is the Fire that is out of our reach, mutable in quality and really hard to grasp on. People born with their Sun in this sign are idealistic and always striving for more, aiming higher and higher, reaching for the sky. Representing the end of one season, a Sagittarius is the gentlest of all Fire signs, just like fire that goes out slowly, with all the work done and left behind. Philosophic and idealists, these individuals seem to be the closest to the element of Air and often pair with Air individuals for they seem to help them breathe.
Do you believe in the zodiac? Before your stay Barry Chuckle’s Funeral Details Confirmed In Family Statement Taurus – Apr 21 – May 21 Since Taurus is all about establishing security in their relationships — and hanging on to that feeling, at all costs — it makes sense why they’d be super happy with another Taurus, whose main goal is the same. “They’re both usually set in their ways, have simple value systems, and are extremely loyal,” MacGuire says.
Uranus Transits My boyfriend broke up with me at the beginning of the mercury retrograde…it was really odd because we were happy and fine the day before. I read that people who usually break up during the retrograde usually get back when it goes direct. Do you think there’s a chance will get back together after this retrograde?
97. Homeless man starts first day at McDonalds after police officer helped I am Earth Dog 1982
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